18 Jan 2017
  • Garbage woes a constant reminder of Cyclone Vardah for Chennai

    D for December. D for disaster. Two years in a row, the last month of the year has brought a Doomsday-like experience for Tamil Nadu. While the ravages of the 2015 floods remain unmatched, in >> read mor […]

  • Ode to Madras, city of many firsts in India

    We live in an amazing city with rich heritage and a long history. Chennai like other cities of India is going through a critical phase and facing significant developmental challenges. To address these challenges, it’s >> read mor […]

  • How Jaya turned sleepy Madras into vibrant Chennai

    “I want to make Chennai the Detroit of Asia.” That is what the late Jayalalithaa told me during an interview in the 1990s during her first term as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Chennai >> read mor […]

  • Chennai mourns the passing of an icon, quietly

    At the end of the Gandhi Mandapam road in Chennai, at the point where the road meets the Kotturpuram bridge over the Adyar river, is the Vinayaka temple. Locals say this was one of Amma’s >> read mor […]

  • Upcycling: A citizen’s guide to creatively reducing landfill waste

    For most of us, typical cleaning sessions start with discarding our old and unwanted products from home. But what if you could convert old glass bottles to beautiful chandeliers or flower pots and jeans to >> read mor […]




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  • 5 Must-Do Things On A Vacation

    Here’s our list of what to do on a vacation: Do nothing. Seriously, stop planning so much. You’ll figure it out once there. Go with the flow. Yeah, you don’t have to do anything... […]

  • Understanding Food Safety

    There has always been a strong focus on nutritional aspects of food. But with the increase in the amount of processed food on our plate, food safety is becoming equally critical. To understand food... […]

  • Why I joined Bhoomi College to learn about Holistic Education

    After a decade as a HR professional in the corporate sector, I shifted tracks. The trigger was having a child and spending time with him in his learning pursuits. I realized I enjoyed learning... […]